Ring of Fire. Appropriate name for the Valley Of Fire in Southern Nevada. Whoever named this country was definitely there when I was. Edward Abbey spoke of the summer sun “raging down from on high.” Good call. Mostly, adjectives fail. Best preparation for a visit: Place your head in a convection oven for 5 minutes at 350.

Even that is not enough. Here I am, shouldering 40 pounds of camera gear, which becomes 80 by days end. Can’t carry enough water. But, look at it this way; Last time it was a blistering 110 but clearly 109 with wind chill factor.

Trifling details all… I’ve seen worse. On the whole, an incredible site: epic and intimate, a vast acreage of sandstone hills, valleys, twisting roads, fantasy rock formations, ancient petroglyphs, secret fairy caves, not to mention one of the oldest geologic landscapes in North America, dating back to the age of the dinosaurs—two hundred million years ago. Tracks to prove it!

I could shoot here for days, but I never quite feel like I’m finished. Looking forward to my next visit—in winter this time. Did I mention, don’t go in summer!??

More pix soon.